Student Research Video Competition

This year the Cereals & Grains Association is launching a new Virtual competition in celebration of our Virtual Meeting: The Student Research Video Competition at Cereals & Grains 20!

This competition is sponsored by the Biomarker for Grains and Pulses Technical Committee and Cereals & Grains Association Corporate Sponsors. It provides a great opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge, skills and originality to show how their research fits into the greater food system in the form of a video.

You should create a video that is approximately 3 to 4 minutes in length that summarizes the significance of your research and how it fits in the food system. If possible, also explain how it contributes to the FAO Sustainable Development Goals.

Sounds like a lot to fit in 3 to 4 minutes? It is, but we have faith that you can be succinct and show deep insight by using your visual aids and presentation skills creatively, a key skill for any researcher!

Additional questions? Student Research Video Competition contact information:



You have until the End of Day September 30th to submit your video.



Criteria, Instructions for Submission, and Contest Rules are available in this downloadable PDF.



1. A participating student must either be: (a) a current student member of Cereals & Grains Association. You can join now. (b) a current student member of one of the following organizations: Cereals & Europe (C&E), Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA), or Association of food Scientists & Technologists - India (AFSTi).

2. Each participant must be enrolled at a four-year accredited college or a graduate student during the current year's spring semester.

3. Each submission will be the work of one student.

4. Each video must be based on an original idea from the student. Professors may be consultants but not a major contributor.

5. To participate in the competition, the student must consent to terms and agreement for use of video.



1. The winners will be announced during the Cereals & Grains 20 Meeting.

2. The top prize awarded will be $1,500 USD for first place; with additional prizes to be announced.

3. Videos selected as prize winners will be featured during the Annual Meeting.

4. "People's Choice Award" will be selected by Annual Meeting attendees via the meeting App.

5. All participating students will receive an electronic certificate of participation.

6. Winning and featured videos will be featured in publicity campaigns for the Cereals & Grains Association with full acknowledgement of the submitting student.

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