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Baking: Food Quality in Production Facilities in Our World Today

D. F. Busken. Oak State Products, Wenona, IL, U.S.A. Cereal Foods World 55(3):156-157.

The challenge and the idea of what is safe and consistent is always changing. In the food industry today, quality has to do with food safety as much as it has to do with end product consistency. Ten years ago, allergens beyond peanuts were seldom heard or worried about. Today, scheduling is ruled by what allergens are in which products. Thousands of dollars are spent on clean ups to prevent cross contamination of various allergens each week. Quality costs. Assuring food safety has a cost associated with it that is ever growing as the world becomes smaller and food systems become more complex. Is a product viable in the marketplace given the allergens that are in it? Does the cost of clean ups, which must be figured into the cost of the product, make the product unaffordable? This is just one of the aspects of food safety that has changed in the past few years. New perspectives on the state of quality come out as the world becomes smaller and more intertwined.


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