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Oats and Rye: Production and Usage in Nordic and Baltic Countries

S. Sahlstrøm and S. H. Knutsen. Nofima Mat Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries, and Agriculture Research, Aas, Norway. Cereal Foods World 55(1):12-14.

Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ instrument for promoting an innovative, competitive, and knowledge-intensive Nordic business sector. In 2006, NICe founded a three-year project entitled “Wholegrain, rye, and oat—Nordic opportunity,” short name “Granity,” to promote the use of rye and oats in Nordic and Baltic countries. This project is a collaboration between scientists and the cereal industry in Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. One of the aims was to collect information about production and usage of rye and oats. The collected information is presented in this paper.


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