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Baby Boomers and the Role of Nutraceutical Ingredients

G. Stephens. Natural Marketing Institute, Harleysville, PA. Cereal Foods World 53(6):306-307.

Research from the Natural Marketing Institute’s Health and Wellness Trends Database and Healthy Aging/Boomer Database shows that U.S. Baby Boomers (Boomers), understand the connection between overall consumption of foods and beverages and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the ways consumers are making sure the foods they consume are healthy is by more closely monitoring both positive and negative ingredients in their foods and by being more conscientious of the impact these ingredients may have on their present and future health. Trends show Boomers are using, and avoiding, certain ingredients in their quest to stay healthy. Boomers are also seeking out high-fiber foods and are incorporating whole grains into their diets. Awareness of the term “glycemic index” is also high and half of all Boomers indicate use of low-glycemic foods and beverages. As diabetes and obesity continue to rise, concern over sugar content is also important, and Boomers are more attentive to the sugar content in their diets than their younger counterparts. Boomers are also concerned over food safety and purity and they are looking for foods grown without pesticides and free from antibiotics, hormones, and artificial additives. Addressing the unique needs of Boomers is a prime opportunity across many industries, including foods and beverages, nutritional supplements, and alternative healthcare, to name a few.


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