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4th European Symposium on Oats—Oats and Healthy Foods

H. Salovaara. Cereal Foods World 51(3):150-151.

Oats have a well-known, positive image in Northern and Central Europe. Recent clinical data seem to bolster the position that oats are a "naturally functional food ingredient" with cholesterol-lowering and glycemic response-attenuating properties, as well as other properties associated with whole grains. The 4th European Symposium on Oats—Oats and Healthy Foods was held in Brussels, Belgium, February 15–16, 2006. Professionals from industry and academia attended the two-day symposium to discuss current issues relating to oat soluble fiber, health claims, analytical issues, and the suitability of oats for celiac patients. Novel food applications for oats were presented by invited speakers and during a tasting session. The information presented during the symposium showed that the potential present in oats has not been fully explored and utilized.


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