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High-Temperature, Short-Time Extrusion of Wheat Gluten and a Bran-Like Fraction.

J. W. Lawton, A. B. Davis, and K. C. Behnke. Copyright 1985 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

This study investigated the changes that occur in physical properties of extruded wheat gluten, peelings mixture due to variation of process temperature, and the ratio of two added ingredients. Physical properties examined were bulk density, percent rehydration, and integrity of the extrudate. Process temperature over a range of 130-190 C was shown to be significant for the three physical properties measured. An increase in process temperature appeared to enhance extrudate expansion. Bulk density decreased as process temperature increased and as percent moisture decreased. Increasing moisture between 20 and 29% appeared to reduce expansion at a given temperature. Percent rehydration was negatively correlated with bulk density, increased with process temperature, and decreased with higher moisture.

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