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Milling Properties of Sorghum Grain with Different Proportions of Corneous to Floury Endosperm.

E. D. Maxson, W. B. Fryar, L. W. Rooney, and M. N. Krishnaprasad. Copyright 1971 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A laboratory grit-milling procedure was evaluated and used to assess the milling performance of grain from several different types of sorghum selected from the world collection. These sorghums had grain with varying proportions of corneous to floury endosperm, ranging from all corneous to all floury. The most efficient milling and highest quality grits were obtained when the grain was milled for 2 min. The proportion of corneous to floury endosperm in sorghum-grain kernels influences milling yields and grit composition. The varieties with corneous endosperm gave the highest yield of grits with the lowest ash and lipid content. Sorghum kernels with all floury endosperm shattered during milling and gave low yields of endosperm fragments which were high on ash. Grit yields were highly related to endosperm texture rating, hardness, and density. Prediction equations were calculated and offer the potential of being used by plant breeders to predict the milling performance of sorghum grains and therefore aid in the selection of breeding lines.

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