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Gelation Phenomena of Soybean Globulins. III. Protein-Lipid Interactions.

N. Catsimpoolas and E. W. Meyer. Copyright 1971 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The major factors, other than temperature, pH, and concentration, affecting the gelation of soybean globulins in the presence of lipids were determined to be (a) the length of the aliphatic chain of the glyceride, (b) the degree of unsaturation of the glyceride, and (c) the number of unesterified hydroxyl groups in the glycerol component. The apparent viscosities of the progel and gel were increased either by decreasing the fatty acid chain length of the glyceride or decreasing the esterification of the hydroxyl groups of glycerol. Saturated fats produced higher gel viscosity than unsaturated ones. Phospholipids and cholesterol also enhance gelation of soybean globulins.

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