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Cereal Chem 44:457 - 482.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Distribution of Phosphorus Compounds in the Protein Fractions of Various Types of Wheat Flours.

A. Bourdet and P. Feillet. Copyright 1967 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Experimental flours were milled from ten U.S. wheat samples, including soft, hard, and durum wheats with protein contents between 9.2 and 17.6% (dry wt.), and their protein and phosphorus composition was studied. Along with glutens, the protein components of flours were quantitatively extracted and classified into four groups according to Osborne's classic solubility criteria. These groups appear to be differentiated by their electrophoretic behavior. Significant differences in protein composition of the various wheat classes were shown. Determinations of total, inorganic, lipid, phytic, total nucleic, DNA and RNA phosphorus, applied comparatively to flours and glutens as to their protein fractions, showed noticeable variations between samples. Albumins, globulins, gliadins, and glutenins appear differentiated by both rate and nature of their P compounds. The particularly high content of globulins in nucleic P invalidates the theory that flour phytates may be involved in the precipitation of this protein fraction after dialysis. Distribution of the main P compounds of flours among their protein fractions is shown, in comparison with gluten.

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