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Determination of Bread Crumb Color as Related to the Color of Flour Used to Bake the Bread.

Y. Pomeranz. Copyright 1960 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Bread color was measured with the Kent-Jones & Martin Color Grader, using a slurry prepared by mixing bread crumb, corn starch, and water in a Waring Blendor. Determinations were made on crumb removed from the center of the loaf and slurried in a 1:1 ratio of starch to bread crumb, for 30 seconds. Delay in color measurement affected the results due to settling of bread crumb solids. The results were unaffected by variations in fermentation and proof time by loaf size and loaf form, and by addition of lactic acid. Storage at elevated temperatures resulted in darkening of bread crumb. The effect of starch employed in bread color determinations was established and a formula for calculating grade color of flour used in a bread under test was determined. The resulting method was applied to a number of flours of varying grade and the breads made from them. The procedure was found to measure that component of bread crumb which is independent of crumb grain and texture; this was shown to be highly correlated with the grade color of the flour from which the bread was baked.

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