Whole Grains Summit 2012 — Proceedings

Edited by Tamara Schryver, Grains for Health Foundation

Table of Contents

Whole Grains Health and Research: Challenges and Opportunities

1. Whole Grains from a Mechanistic ViewA. Fardet1
2. Biomarkers of Whole Grain IntakeA. B. Ross4
3. Crossover Designs in Nutrition: New Methodology Accounting for Indivudually Varying ResponsesM. Kramer, S. C. Chen, S. K. Gebauer, and D. J. Baer6

Working Together as a Grains Community to Expand the Whole Grains Market:

4. What Is the State of the Current Grains Environment?B. J.-W. van Klinken9
5. Closing the Supply Side Gap: Making Whole Grains the Healthy and Easy ChoiceS. Leusner11

Creating a Vision of the Whole

6. Working Together to Create a Healthier Eating Environment for AllS. A. Escott-Stump13
7. Whole Grain Definition: New Perspectives for Inclusion of Grains and Processing but not for AnalysisJ. W. van der Kamp15

Alignment of Whole Grain Definitions of Foods

8. Current FDA Guidance on Whole Grain LabelingD. Mu17
9. Addressing Whole Grain Deserts—Promoting Practical Applications to Increase Whole Grain AvailabilityM. C. Martini18

Defining a Strategic Research Plan from Seed to Consumer

10. From Seed to Consumer: Defining the Strategic Research PlanL. A. Murphy and J. de Vries20
11. Changing Consumer Behavior and Influencing the Food EnvironmentP. Mohr22

Business, Economic, and Consumer Opportunities in Delivery of More Whole Grain Foods to Consumers

12. Empathy and Experimentation: Applying Consumer Science to Whole Grains as FoodsH. R. Moskowitz, B. Batalvi, and L. Ettinger Lieberman25
13. The Positive Deviance Approach to Behavioral and Social ChangeR. Swartz30
14. Behavioral Approaches to Increase Intake of Whole GrainsR. F. Pereira32
15. Shrinking the Price Gap for Whole GrainsC. Harriman35
16. Whole Grains WorkspaceC. Elm37

Synergies Worldwide—Opportunities to Promote Whole Grain Consumption for Health

17. Navigating the Nutrition Transition: What Is It? How Can Whole Grains Play a Helpful Role?N. T. Mueller38
18. Public Private Partnership to Promote Whole Grain ConsumptionN. Brinch-Nielsen and R. I. Neess41
19. Whole Grain Products in (Southern) Europe: Consumer Trends and Technological ImplicationsS. Folloni and R. Ranieri44
20. A Simulation Study of the Potential Effects of Whole Grain Food Substitutions on Diet Quality in Lower Mississippi Delta AdultsJ. L. Thomson and L. M. Tussing-Humphreys47
21. Utilization of African Grains in Nutritionally Unique FoodsL. W. Rooney and L. Dykes49
22. Promotion of Whole Grain Consumption for Health in AustraliaR. Murray51
23. Development of Barley-Fortified Instant NoodlesG. Hou and V. Jimenez53
24. Nutrition Education: Toward a Framework of Cultural Awareness?C. A. Hassel55
25. U.S. Department of Defense's Perspective on Funding for Research on Whole Grains and HealthD. Schnakenberg59
26. Phytate Effect and Nutrient Levels in Whole Grain FloursS. Zimmerman61