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A New AACC International Approved Method to Measure Rheological Properties of a Dough Sample

A. Dubat. CHOPIN Technologies, Villeneuve la Garenne, France. Cereal Foods World 55(3):150-153.

The Mixolab is an instrument that allows users to thoroughly analyze wheat and flour samples. It has been used in numerous research laboratories worldwide and is gaining recognition as a quality control tool in flour mills and quality labs. In this study, two matrices (flour and ground wheat) were evaluated. It is notable that similar results were observed for the precision data obtained with flour and with ground wheat. Therefore, it is possible to simplify testing by providing operators with the same standard for the two matrices. The results of this study were accepted by the AACC Intl. Physical Testing Methods Technical Committee, and the method has been approved as AACC International Approved Method 54-60.01.



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