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Aleurone Definition Ready for Membership Review

B. Atwell. Cargill Incorporated, Minnetonka, MN, U.S.A. Cereal Foods World 55(3):149.

Many AACC International members are interested in aleurone. It is a distinct component of grains that has gained interest due to its nutritional benefits. However, aleurone is not a “whole grain”; hence, it has not been used extensively in the formulation of grain-based products in which whole grain claims are desired. Subsequently, the general population has not realized to any significant extent the nutritional benefits of aleurone. The approval of a definition for aleurone is a required step if governmental agencies are to change or create regulations that would facilitate wider use of aleurone in grain-based product formulations. On behalf of the members of the AACC Intl. Aleurone Task Force, I would like to submit the following aleurone definition for review and comment by the AACC Intl. membership.


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