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Bosphorus 2008—Connecting Cereal Science and Industry Where the Continents Meet

H. Köksel and A. Basman. Hacettepe University, Turkey. Cereal Foods World 53(6):317-318.

ICC International Conference Bosphorus 2008 was organized by ICC (International Association for Cereal Science and Technology) and Hacettepe University, held on April 24–26, 2008, in Istanbul, Turkey. It was the first major scientific event jointly organized by ICC in Turkey and surrounding countries. The focus of this international conference was the marketing and development of innovative cereal products. Session topics included: new markets and international trade for cereal products, food safety, functional cereal foods, developing new ingredients, quality control and assessment of cereals/milling products, fortification and biofortification, new trends in cereal breeding and agronomic practices, quality evaluation of cereal products, new technologies in cereal processing and analysis, new analytical methods, technical session, food safety–regulations and EU funding, and international research and collaboration.


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