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Our Commitment to Research

Mary Ellen Camire. Cereal Foods World 53(6):299.

Our association has a long history of presenting breakthrough research in grain science. However, in the past few years, joint meetings with other groups, a switch to tracks at the annual meeting, and changes in the types of research being presented led some members to question the role of science within AACC International. The Board of Directors took such criticism seriously and this year formed a Quality of Science Task Force consisting of President-Elect Khalil Khan, Gene Wisakowsky (chair of the Annual Meeting Task Force), Jodi Engleson (2009 annual meeting program chair), Christophe Courtin (2010 annual meeting program chair), Deirdre Ortiz (2011 annual meeting program chair), myself, and several members of the headquarters staff. Through the Task Forceís efforts seven scientific initiatives were identified that encompass all types of research conducted by AACC International members in academic, industrial, and government laboratories. These initiatives will guide the associationís scientific activities including the annual meeting, publications, and short courses.


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