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Baking: Two Missing Ingredients?

B. Bruinsma. Innovative Cereal Systems, Wilsonville, OR. Cereal Foods World 51(5):282.

This issue of CFW is about baking ingredients. To be consistent, I would like to propose the addition of two ingredients that will significantly improve the industry. Actually, these missing ingredients could save our industry, for surely, the lack of their incorporation will cripple us. That is a wild claim, but I believe it. Youth is the first missing ingredient. There are too many meetings I attend, too many bakeries I visit, and too many suppliers that I meet in which my overall impression is that 7090% of the people in this business could retire in the next 17 years. Are we doing a good job of moving the next generation along so they can take up the effort when the present group is ready to leave? When I look around, I wonder if we have enough young people coming on board.


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