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Technology Transfer: Wheat Protein Isolates—Alternative to Sodium Caseinate

S. K. Patil (1), M. Baczynski (2), and T. McCurry (2). (1) S. K. Patil & Associates, Munster, IN. (2) Manildra USA, Shawnee Mission, KS. Cereal Foods World 51(5):279-281.

Wheat protein isolates have various attributes ranging from gluten-like vitality to 100% solubility. Alternatively, they can possess gliadin-like extensibility with film-forming properties on the microscopic level. These functions are desirable in numerous food applications, however, until now, wheat protein isolates have been primarily commercialized within the baking realm and related wheat-based industries. Further advancements in wheat protein modification have created a new generation of functional ingredients with unique benefits such as emulsification, foaming capacity and stability, gel viscosity, and water binding. Importantly, these modifications have been coupled with further patented technologies to ensure excellent organoleptic appeal, high nutritional value, easy scale-up, genetic integrity, and cost effectiveness—factors, which in the past, have limited their past commercialization in nonwheat-based food systems. Although many products were developed utilizing these modified proteins, this article is focused on sodium caseinate replacement in coffee creamers and other food products such as cream sauces and whipped toppings.


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