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Desert Durum Wheat Provides High-Quality Extraction and Pasta Products

E. S. Posner (1), B. Fernandez (2), and D.-S. Huang (2). (1) International Flour Milling Consultant, Savyon, Israel. (2) California Wheat Commission, Woodland, CA. Cereal Foods World 51(5):268-272.

Presently, mainly overseas millers and pasta producers are aware of the advantages of the U.S. Desert Durum and are processing it with very good results. Not many U.S. durum millers are using Desert Durum wheat. With relatively few changes in the durum mill, the operative miller can adjust the milling process to use Desert Durum that stands out in its semolina extraction, quality, and economic value potential. Wheat cleaning, tempering time, and roll corrugation are the mail parameters that should be reevaluated and adjusted to supply specific demands for semolina or any other product configurations from Desert Durum. Changes should be made based on elaborate mill analysis that includes the construction of the distribution table and the granulation curves for the leading stages in the mill.


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