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Food for New Life

D. Best. Cereal Foods World 51(5):252.

It is enough to say that I was intrigued when Jody Grider first broached the idea of my assuming the role of Executive Editor of Cereal Foods World. Jody knew of my roots in cereal foods and past stint as technical director of an American food industry journal, Prepared Foods. I began my career in the cereal sciences first with a research thesis that delved into the nutritional implications of extrusion technology, and subsequently, with my work as a product development scientist for a wholesale bakery supply company and a Fortune 500 cereal foods company in Minneapolis. Thus it came to pass that I accepted the AACC Internationalís offer for this circle-closing experience. I now take on the responsibilities of building on the solid, strong foundations of this flagship publication, foundations built by a distinguished roster of predecessors. It is a humbling challenge and tough act to follow. So, here goes.


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