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Market Research: Rediscovering Barley

H. Ashman (1) and J. Beckley (2). (1) The U&I Group, Powell, OH. (2) The U&I Group, Denville, NJ. Cereal Foods World 51(1):38-39.

The concept of consumer understanding is based on the assumption that the consumer is the expert. People frame the world from their perspective, and their experiences and knowledge are the foundation upon which they judge products and services. This column discusses consumer understanding, innovation, and barley. When evaluating the consumer process, the first key is to understand the perspectives of the "top-of-mind" familiar, "expert," and "niche" groups. Next, these perspectives must be meshed with historical and benefits-based knowledge of the ingredient. This gives the product developer a starting place for creating innovative products that not only provide new benefits, but also can be linked back to what is familiar to consumers. This link to the familiar is where global trend tracking of "organic," "natural," "nostalgic," and "functional" foods comes in. These steps help developers position the benefits delivered by the product and determine which stories should be used in telling a new story for a familiar food.


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