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Relationship Between Functional Properties and Macromolecular Modifications of Extruded Corn Starch.

J. Tang and X.-L. Ding. Copyright 1994 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Corn starch was processed in a semiindustrial, twin-screw extruder under varying conditions for barrel temperature (80-160 C), screw speed (100-200 rpm), and moisture content (20-40%). The relationship between functional properties of extrudates (expansion ratios, water solubility indices, extrudate slurry flow behavior indices) and the extent of molecular degradation of the amylopectin component of corn starch were investigated. A mathematical model was developed that relates the expansion ratios and the extent of molecular degradation of corn starch. Water solubility indices and extrudate slurry flow behavior indices were both also correlated to the extent of molecular degradation.

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