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Lipid Binding and Fatty Acid Distribution in Flour, Dough, and Baked and Steamed Bread.

K. Addo and Y. Pomeranz. Copyright 1991 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Lipid binding and fatty acid distribution were determined in flour, mixed dough, and crumb of baked or steamed bread. Dough mixing, baking, and steaming of the original flours reduced extractability of free (petroleum-ether extractable) flour lipids. No significant difference was found in the extent of lipid binding in native flour as a result of baking and steaming. In experiments with untreated flour, shortening lipids were bound during baking or steaming but not during dough mixing. In experiments with petroleum-ether defatted flour, shortening lipids were also bound in the dough. Flour lipds were bound in preference to shortening lipids. Protein content was apparently not the only factor associated with degree of lipid binding. More unsaturated oils than saturated fats became bound during dough mixing and baking. In untreated flour supplemented with 2% shortening, baking and steaming resulted in more binding of saturated fats and unsaturated oils than dough mixing did. In defatted flour, the binding of unsaturated oils increased in order of dough mixing, baking, and steaming. In general, steaming resulted in more shortening binding than baking did.

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