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The Effect on Residual Flour Quality of Removing Farina During Common Wheat Milling.

J. E. Dexter, K. R. Preston, R. H. Kilborn, and D. G. Martin. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Representative samples of Canada Western Red Spring, Canada Western Red Winter, Canada Utility, and Canada prairie Spring wheat classes were milled to 75, 79, and 83% extraction, and up to 24% (wheat basis) high-quality midlings (farina) was removed at each extraction rate. As extraction rate increased, straight-run flour (no farina removed) color darkened; ash content increased; farinograph, extensigraph, and alveograph curves weakened; and bread quality deteriorated. However, at each extraction rate the removal of up to 24% farina had only marginal effects on the rheological and baking properties of the residual flour, although flour color and bread crumb color became noticeably darker.

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