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Corn Bulgur: Effects of Corn Maturation Stage and Cooking Form on Bulgur-Making Parameters and Physical and Chemical Properties of Bulgur Products.

A. Elgun, Z. Ertugay, and M. Certel. Copyright 1990 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Effects of the maturation stage (milk, yellow, or ripe) and cooking form (on the cob or shelled) of Narman sweet corn on some selected parameters obtained in the bulgur-making process were studied, and physical and chemical properties of corn bulgur products were examined. The results obtained at statistically significant levels (p less than 0.05) are as follows. During cooking below 95 C for approximately 60 min, there was an increase in the dry matter content and color intensity of cooking wastewater. As the grain matured, the amount of material diffused into the cooking wastewater decreased. The yellow stage corn provided the hardest and most vitreous endosperm texture to the bulgur after drying and showed the highest resistance to grinding, whereas the milky state corn bulgur showed the lowest resistance. On a raw material basis, the yields of the pilav bulgur (greater than 1.5 mm) and total bulgur (greater than 0.5 mm) increased sharply with grain maturation, especially in the ripe stage. In either total or yellow color intensity of the bulgur fractions, the yellow stage corn bulgur showed the highest values with amberlike yellowness and brightness. Increasing particle size from the bulgur flour (less than 0.5 mm) to the pilav bulgur (less than 1.5 mm) increased the color intensity. Ash, fiber, and protein contents of the all bulgurs decreased with maturation, but fat content increased. In general, the finer the corn bulgur fraction, the higher the ash, fiber, protein, and fat contents. In conclusion, the best stages were yellow corn for bulgur color, appearance, and functionality; milky corn for nutritional value; and ripe corn for bulgur yeild.

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