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Effect of Water Content on Changes in Semolina Proteins During Dough-Mixing.

J. E. Dexter and R. R. Matsuo. Copyright 1979 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Semolina from 1 CW amber durum wheat composite was mixed in the farinograph at 30 and 50 C over a range of absorptions that corresponded approximately to a range of water contents from pasta doughs to bread doughs. At both 30 and 50 C, farinograph maximum consistency decreased rapidly as absorption was increased, while mixing time reached a minimum value around 45% absorption and increased when absorption was increased further. Results from determinations of dough protein extractability in dilute acetic acid and Osborne protein solubility fractionations showed that gluten breakdown, as measured by increased gluten protein solubility, did not occur at obsorptions below 45%. Gel filtration elution profiles of acetic acid extracts showed that at absorptions of 45% and above, the proportion of protein in the high molecular weight fraction increased significantly. These data suggest that gluten development during mixing at absorptions below 45% is limited. For a series of wheats representing a variety of gluten strengths, strong gluten wheats were found to achieve maximum gluten breakdown during mixing at higher dough water contents than were weak gluten wheats.

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