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Density Fractionation of Wheat Flours in Nonaqueous Solvents. II. Behavior of Fractions in Water.

R. L. Clements. Copyright 1979 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Fractions of different densities were separated from soft and hard wheat flours by sequential flotations of the flours in chlorofluorocarbon-hexane mixtures. The fractions were analyzed for soluble protein, soluble solids, hydration capacity, pH, and electrical conductivity. The fractions could be combined into three broad fractions: 1) a low-density to intermediate-density, high-nitrogen, hydrophilic fraction (25% of the flour), pH 5.5, 2) a high-density, high-nitrogen, high-ash fraction (less than 1% of the flour), and 3) an intermediate-density to high-density fraction (75% of the flour), primarily starch, with nitrogen, ash, and pH dependent on degree of inclusion of fractions 1 and 2.

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