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Factors Affecting Hydrolysis During Breadmaking of Phytic Acid in Wheat Protein Concentrate.

G. S. Ranhotra. Copyright 1973 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Although phytic acid increases linearly when increasing concentrations of wheat protein concentrate (WPC) are added to hard winter wheat flour, the phytase activity does not increase linearly and the pH of the breads baked from these blends increases progressively above the optimum for phytase activity. However, the progressive decrease in the rate of phytic acid hydrolyzed during breadmaking as WPC increases in the blends, as was reported earlier, may be caused by increased inhibition of phytase activity or rephosphorylation (by excessive accumulation of inorganic phosphorus) of partially hydrolyzed phytic acid, or both.

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