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New Starches. VIII. Properties of the Small Granule-Starch from Colocasia esculenta.

K. J. Goering and B. DeHaas. Copyright 1972 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Examination of a number of dasheens has established the fact that there are two distinctly different size ranges of granules in different varieties. In general they have approximately one-half the amylose content of common cereal starches. Since the dasheen starches have a pasting temperature approximately 20 degrees higher than the other small granule starches examined, small granule size cannot be the reason for the low pasting temperature of cow cockle, catchfly, and pigweed starch granules. In general, the dasheens show good granule stability and low setback. They are similar to other tuber starches in forming clear, stringy pastes somewhat resistant to enzyme action, but differ from them in solubility, swelling power, pasting temperature, and granule stability.

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