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Dry-Milling of Opaque-2 (High Lysine) Corn.

O. L. Brekke, E. L. Griffin, Jr., and P. Brooks. Copyright 1971 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Because opaque-2 (o2) corn is deficient in horny endosperm, studies were undertaken to learn what modifications of the dry-milling process might be necessary to produce prime products (grits, meal, and flour) of acceptable quality and yield. A range of tempering conditions and two types of degermers were investigated with corn from several sources. If degermer fines are included, prime products in good yield and acceptable fat content were obtained when the corn was tempered to 23% or higher moisture levels. Degerming was adequate in either a Beall degermer or an experimental machine. Grits yield was low and flour yield high because of the soft kernel. No flaking grits were recovered. The degermer fines contained only 0.5 to 1.5% fat. Prime products had a lower protein content than those from a dent corn. Because of insufficient density differences between germ and endosperm particles, gravity table separators cannot be used. Except for this aspect, o2 can be dry-milled with conventional equipment. A greater variation was noted between different varieties of o2 corn than for corn from different crop years.

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