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Angel Cakes Using Frozen, Foam-Spray-Dried, Freeze-Dried, and Spray-Dried Albumen.

O. J. Franks, M. E. Zabik, and K. Funk. Copyright 1969 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

The performance and quality-characteristics of frozen, foam-spray-dried, freeze-dried, and spray-dried egg albumen in angel cakes were investigated. Whipping times for the frozen and reconstituted albumen were established to obtain foams of the same specific gravity. Standardized procedures were used for mixing, baking, and evaluating all cakes. Rates of temperature rise as measured at two depths within each cake were not affected by the type of processing. Cakes with foam-spray-dried albumen had the largest volume; cakes with spray-dried albumen had the smallest volume. Shear press measurements of tenderness expressed as area-under-the-curve, compressibility, and tensile strength showed no significant differences attributable to processing. Cakes with foam-spray- and freeze-dried albumen were tougher than cakes with frozen albumen, according to shear press measurements of tenderness expressed as maximum force. Freeze-dried albumen produced cakes which scored lowest in the quality characteristics of texture defined as thickness of cell walls, tenderness, and moistness. The flavor of cakes with frozen albumen was superior to the flavor of cakes with the three types of processed albumen. However, all cakes received good to very good scores for the quality characteristics evaluated.

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