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Cereal Chem 45:512 - 519.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Low-Temperature Anaerobic Extraction of Free and Bound Lipid from Wheat Flour.

M. E. McKillican, R. P. A. Sims, F. B. Johnston, and J. C. Mes. Copyright 1968 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Flour was milled from normal and degermed wheat of three Canadian varieties. Thatcher, Lemhi, and Mindum. These flours were extracted serially with hexane and water-saturated n-butanol (WSB) to yield "free" and "bound" lipid, and with WSB directly to yield total lipid. All extractions were carried out in the cold 1-5 C.), under nitrogen. Two methods of removing nonlipid material were compared. The yield of lipid, its atomic nitrogen/phosphorus ratio, and its chromatographic purity were determined. The present procedure was compared with other methods for removal of lipid from wheat flour.

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