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Nutritive Value and Dietary Properties of Soy Protein Concentrates.

M. D. Wilding, D. E. Alden, and E. E. Rice. Copyright 1968 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A nutritional study was made to determine the protein quality of soy protein concentrates in contrast to the cereal proteins. Comparisons were made to evaluate the synergistic effects of soy and cereal protein in various combinations. Seven-week rat-feeding studies were made at critical levels of protein in the diet. Commercial protein breads were compared with a soy protein concentrate as the single source of protein in the diet. Statistical analysis showed the soy protein to be significantly superior to white bread or any of the commercial high-protein breads tested. Increasing the percent of soy protein in relation to the white bread protein produced significant increases in protein quality to a maximum at 75% soy protein, 25% white bread protein. Then a decrease from this maximum resulted at 100% soy protein in the diet. A striking difference was noted when weight gain comparisons were made between soy protein bread and white bread, without adjustments of the protein. There are highly significant protein quality differences among commercial protein breads. Soy protein concentrates aid substantially in improving the quality of the protein source.

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