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A Method for Detecting Mixtures of Artificially Dried Corn with High-Moisture Corn.

J. R. Hart. Copyright 1967 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Artificial drying of corn harvested at high moisture levels often results in overdrying and heat damage. When overdried corn is mixed with undried corn, to produce a mean moisture content of 15.5%, the mixture is more likely to become moldy than unmixed samples at the same moisture level. Hysteresis effects were found to be increased greatly in mixtures containing heat-damaged kernels. In all mixtures hysteresis produced a greater range of moisture contents in individual kernels than that found in unmixed corn. This range was found by determining the moisture contents of 120 individual kernels in a sample and calculating the variance (square of the standard deviation from the mean moisture content). Unmixed samples had a variance lower than 0.2392 at 15.5% moisture level. The variance of mixtures was higher than 0.2392 and the variance of mixtures containing heat-damage was usually higher than the variance of mixtures without heat-damage.

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