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Cereal Chem 44:447 - 456.  |  VIEW ARTICLE
Interaction Between Wheat Proteins and Dextrans.

R. W. Jones and S. R. Erlander. Copyright 1967 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Previous studies showed that certain dextrans alter the mixing curves of a flour-water dough, whereas others have no effect. This work has been extended to include a greater number of dextrans. In addition, the interaction of wheat proteins and dextrans in solution has been examined. In solutions of 0.01M acetic acid, some dextrans will interact with gluten, gliadin, and glutenin. The interaction produces either turbidity or a precipitate and is concentration-dependent. At constant carbohydrate concentration, turbidity increases to a maximum as the protein concentration is increased. As protein concentration is increased beyond the critical point, turbidity falls to zero. Not all dextrans or fractions of a given dextran react to the same degree; some do not interact at all. The effect of other polysaccharides on gluten solutions has also been studied.

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