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A Note on Invasion of Durum Wheat by Storage Fungi.

C. M. Christensen. Copyright 1967 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Samples of freshly harvested durum wheat stored at moisture contents of 13.4 to 13.6% and 25 C for 493 days were slowly invaded by Aspergillus halophilicus and A. restrictus, but germination percentage of the seed did not decrease, no brown embryos developed, and fat acidity values did not rise above 30.6. In samples held at moisture contents between 14.2 and 15.4%, storage fungi increased, germination percentage decreased to 0, and fat acidity values increased. In the range of moisture contents studied, durum wheat did not differ greatly from other classes of wheat in the degree of invasion by storage fungi and in changes that accompany such invasion.

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