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Germination Inhibition in Wheat and Barley During Steeping, and Alpha-Amylase Development in the Presence of Gibberellic Acid.

F. Bloch and A. I. Morgan, Jr. Copyright 1967 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Germination of wheat and barley was inhibited by turbulent agitation during steeping. The formation of alpha-amylase was induced by addition of gibberellic acid. The agitative treatment combined with elevated temperatures shortened steeping time to about one-eighth that of conventional steeping. Yields were about 6% higher. Alpha-amylase developed at an increased rate to two to three times higher levels than in green malt steeped conventionally. The capacity of the equipment for germination was increased, not only because of the possible shorter "germination" time but also because, in the absence of growth of rootlets, no increase in bulk volume in the green malt stage took place. The process was demonstrated in a pilot plant designed for 1/3-bu. capacity.

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