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Evaluation of Enzyme-Modified, Solvent-Extracted Crambe Seed Meal by Chemical Analyses and Rat Feeding.

H. L. Tookey, C. H. VanEtten, J. E. Peters, and I. A. Wolff. Copyright 1965 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

A method is presented for the removal of thioglucosides (as their hydrolysis products) from crambe seed meal. Defatted meal is wetted to allow native myrosinase to hydrolyze the thioglucosides. Solvent extraction of the wet meal leads to a product free of thioglucosides, the organic aglycones (R)-goitrin and (+)-1-cyano-2-hydroxy-3-butene (and other C[triple bond]N compounds), and essentially free of the bitter substance sinapine. Similar meals may be prepared directly from autolyzed full-fat flakes by employing mixed solvents which remove the above products as well as the oil. The extracted meals range from 45 to 56% crude protein and contain approximately 6.0 g. lysine per 16 g. N, 2.0 g. methionine, and 2.2 g. cystine. Processed meal prepared from defatted crambe seed was fed to rats at 28% of the diet. The meal supports growth at 88% of the controls during a 13-week period. Organ weights of the test animals were not significantly different from those of the control animals. Histological examination of the organs revealed no abnormalities. Feeding autolyzed, but unextracted, meals at the 28% level caused death of all animals within 2 weeks.

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