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Corn Dry-Milling: Effect of Beall Degerminator Tail-Gate Configuration on Product Streams.

L. A. Weinecke, O. L. Brekke, and E. L. Griffin, Jr.. Copyright 1963 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Product streams from pilot-plant runs on a No. 0 Beall degerminator equipped with annular tail-gate opening of variable position and fixed area or of only variable area, are compared with products from V- notched slide or conventionally hinged tail gates for a range of machine throughputs and tail-gate openings. In general, as the area of an annular tail gate was increased, throughput increased. Recycle (+3 1/2) increased only slightly as the area of the tail gate was increased from 4 to 25 sq. in., but at the maximum opening of 35 sq. in., it was increased to almost 10%. The percentages of other fractions changed little. Oil content of the -4+6 and -6+8 grits and oil available for recovery remained in the same range, except in the area of maximum opening where oil content of the grits increased and oil recovery decreased. A variable- position, fixed-area, annular tail gate gave progressively less -6+8 grits and less oil available for recovery and progressively greater throughput, recycle, and oil content in the -4+6 and -6+8 grits as the annulus opening was moved away from the degerminator shaft.

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