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Gas Plasma Irradiation of Rice. III. Influence on Brown Rice and Rice Bran.

A. S. Roseman, J. T. Hogan, R. B. Stone, and J. C. Webb. Copyright 1963 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Rice bran and brown rice were treated with gas plasma irradiation to determine its effects on oil stability and on certain other physical properties of the petroleum ether solubles. The rate of free fatty acid development in the lipids of stored brown rice and in the stored bran separated from rice kernels was much slower in gas plasma-irradiated samples than in nonirradiated controls. Gas plasma irradiation profoundly changed the chemical and physical characteristics of rice oil from both stored brown rice and stored separated rice bran. The average molecular weight of the oil extracted from irradiated rice bran had increased. In addition, the oil was less saturated than that of the non- irradiated controls. The investigation demonstrated that these changes are effected specifically by the gas plasma irradiation rather than by the coincidental heat-vacuum effect of irradiation.

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