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Quick Method for Riboflavin in a High-Potency Cereal Product.

R. H. Anderson and D. F. Moran. Copyright 1962 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

For control purposes a quick method for the determination of the amount of riboflavin added to a high- potency ready-to-eat cereal was desired. It was found that mixing of appropriate amounts of samples of the cereal with 10% acetic acid solution in a Waring Blendor or a mechanical shaker for 15 minutes resulted in complete extraction of the added riboflavin. Addition of methanol to extracts resulted in readily filterable mixtures which gave clear, colorless filtrates. Fluorophotometric analyses of the filtrates were in good agreement with amounts of riboflavin added and with analyses of the same samples by the A.O.A.C. method by Merck and Co., Inc., Rahway, N. J.

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