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The Detection of Polyoxyethylene Glycol in Bakery Products.

P. A. Veitch and J. B. Jones. Copyright 1962 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Polyoxyethylene (8) monostearate (POEMS) was separated from bread by chloroform extraction of acid- treated bread crumbs. The chloroform was passed through an alumina column which retained the POEMS, lipids, and other related substances. The polyoxyethylene glycol portion of POEMS was eluted from the column with ethyl alcohol and determined semiquantitatively by standard ascending paper chromatography. This method overcame the false positive results obtained on bread containing a compound emulsifier when analyzed by the colorimetric method (Garrison et al. J. Assoc. Offic. Agr. Chemists 40: 1085; 1957).

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