Consultant Members

The Cereals & Grains Association Consultant Directory is a compilation of Cereals & Grains Association members who have indicated they are a consultant or work for a consultant company. Consultant members are listed alphabetically by last name.

The information is reproduced here as provided by the individuals themselves. Cereals & Grains Association accepts no responsibility other than for accurate reproduction within preset constraints.

Rick A. Aberle, XIM Group LLC
Mohib Ahmed Khan, Atyab Foodtech Trading & Services LLC
Franco Antoniazzi
William A. Atwell
Michael T. Bakhoum, Bakery R&D Consulting Inc
Lynn S. Bates, Alteca Ltd
Donald B. Bechtel, Bechtel Consulting
Charles I Beck
Sumana Bell, SCBM COnsulting
Robert K. Bequette
Daniel P. Berg, Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation
Harry J. Bergstrom
Eric Bertoft, Bertoft Solutions
Arthur D. Bettge, ADB Wheat Consulting
Jim Breslin, Process Partners Inc
Anne R. Bridges, Cereals & Grains Association
Francis F. Busta, University of Minnesota
Gloria B. Cagampang, 3A Consulting LLC
Rosemarie B. Campbell
Stanley P. Cauvain, BakeTran
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