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collapse Soft Wheat and Flour Products Committee
Cochair: Byung-Kee Baik, USDA ARS CSWQRU
Cochair: Diane L. Gannon, Diane Gannon, LLC
Member: Arthur D. Bettge, ADB Wheat Consulting
Member: Arnaud Dubat, CHOPIN Technologies
Member: Sean M. Finnie, Bay State Milling
Member: Gang Guo, Ardent Mills
Member: Lynn C. Haynes, Mondelez International
Member: Barbara B. Heidolph, Barbara Bufe Heidolph
Member: Yulai Jin, Kellogg Company
Member: Meera Kweon, Pusan National University
Member: Bon Lee, Wheat Marketing Center
Member: Diana Lutmer, Budenheim USA, Inc.
Member: Craig Morris, USDA ARS WWQL
Member: Zory Quinde-Axtell, Continental Mills Inc
Member: Andrew S. Ross, Oregon State University

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