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collapse Pasta Products Analysis Committee
Chair: Alecia M. Kiszonas, Washington State University
Member: Clara Fares, CRA Center for Cereal Research
Member: Bin X. Fu, Canadian Grain Commission
Member: Yoshitaka Harada, Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Member: Marc I. Johnson, Texture Technologies Corp.
Member: Hamit Koksel, Hacettepe University
Member: Frank A. Manthey, North Dakota State University
Member: Alessandra Marti, DeFENS University of Milan
Member: Hideki Okusu, Nippon Flour Mills
Member: Chelsea Ann Price, Washington State University
Member: Michael J. Sissons, Tamworth Agricultural Institute
Member: Elaine J. Sopiwnyk, Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI)
Member: Nabeel Taher Tiskam Alzuwaid, The University of New England

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