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Chair: Anna M. R. Hayes, Purdue University
Vice Chair: Harrison Dale Brent Helmick, Purdue University
Secretary-Treasurer: Supun Sandaru Fernando, PhD, North Dakota State University
Product Development Chair: Ana M. Magallanes Lopez, North Dakota State University
Fundraising Chair: Sarah Corwin, PhD, Purdue University
Online Communicator: Serap Vatansever, North Dakota State University
Product Development Vice-Chair: Jayani C S Maddakandage Dona, North Dakota State University
Product Development Vice-Chair: Edil Vidal Torres, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Campus Agroenvironmental Sciences
Student Representative: Elyssa Chan, University of Manitoba
Student Representative: Ali Göncü, Pamukkale University
Student Representative: Michelle Oppong Siaw, University of Arkansas
University Representative: Jose Rodrigo Mendoza Jimenez, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
University Representative: Ceren MUTLU, Akdeniz University
University Representative: Kübra Tuluk, Ege University
Board Liaison, Ex-Officio: Larisa Cato, Australian Export Grains Innovation Ctr - AEGIC
Ex-Officio: Tom Jondiko, Pak Group LLC

As a benefit of Cereals & Grains Association membership, a hyperlink to full contact information is available for all Cereals & Grains Association members on this listing. Please note: You must be logged in as a member to access. If a name above is not hyperlinked it indicates the individual is not a current member.