Current Sponsors & Exhibitors

Agri-Neo Inc.
Agri-Neo specializes in developing food safety technologies that set new standards. Our technologies eliminate harmful pathogens while maintaining the nutrition and quality that flourishes naturally in food. We have a dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and engineers to launch more food safety solutions for many high-risk food groups.

ANKOM Technology
ANKOM Technology automates time-consuming analytical methods, improving accuracy and precision in over 140 countries. Our products automate the determination of vitamins, dietary fiber, crude and detergent fiber, fat and more. The new ANKOMFLEX Analyte Extractor, fully automates saponification, extraction, and evaporation for fat-soluble vitamins in a single unit.

Ardent Mills
Ardent Mills is North America’s leading flour supplier and grain innovator. With more than 35 community flour mills and mixing facilities throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, we offer the broadest range of premium multi-use flours, whole grains, mixes and custom multi-grain blends.


C.W. Brabender® Instruments, Inc.
As a technological market leader for laboratory equipment of exceptional quality in the food processing industry, we come up with optimal solutions for all of our clients‘ needs — flexible, professional solutions that require the full spectrum of our expertise.

Cgrain AB
Cgrain Value utilizes patented technology that allows our instrumentation to view over 95% of the surface area of small grains. With the first instrument being manufactured and delivered in 2014, we have grown our applications to be the world leader in visual analysis over the past six years.

CHOPIN Technologies / UNITY Scientific
CHOPIN Technologies and UNITY Scientific are brands of KPM Analytics, a global leader in analytical instrumentation primarily focused on analyzing critical parameters within the food, agriculture, clinical and environmental sectors. We provide advanced and reliable analysis solutions to ensure product and process quality.

Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

Dakota Specialty Milling

DSM Food Specialties USA, Inc.
DSM offers a broad range of baking enzymes, preservation systems and ingredient solutions that enable manufacturers of baked goods to react quickly to consumer demand for less salt, acrylamide, additives, emulsifiers and gluten-free bread– all while ensuring great tasting baked goods and snacks that consumers love.

General Mills
General Mills has been a food manufacturer engaged in the development and production of grain-based products including ready-to-eat-cereals, snacks, flours, cake and dessert mixes, refrigerated dough, and more for over 150 years. Our company’s purpose is simple but powerful: We make foods people love.

Grain Millers, Inc.
Grain Millers is a leading manufacturer of organic & conventional whole grain ingredients used in cereals, breads, bars & more. We offer a full line of organic & conventional whole grain products such as gluten-free oats, fibers, wheat, barley, rye, sweeteners & more, custom milled for your needs.

Great Plains Analytical Laboratory

Northern Crops Institute
The Northern Crops Institute supports regional agriculture through educational and technical programs that expand domestic and global markets for crops grown in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota. NCI is an international learning center, bringing together customers, commodity traders, technical experts, and processors for education and technical services.

Palsgaard Incorporated
Palsgaard® is the world’s only full-service emulsifier and stabilizer company, creating sustainably produced ingredients with specialized performance characteristics. Confectionery, dairy, ice cream, bakery, margarine, and meat can perform better and be loved more with our input, just as their plastic packaging can be made more sustainable with our plant-based additives.

PerkinElmer is equipped to help the grain industry in its quest to feed the world – nutritiously and economically. Our testing and analysis solutions encompass the three primary areas required for complete knowledge of grains and their derivatives – composition, functionality, and safety.


Revtech Process Systems Inc.
Revtech supplies custom-made industrial solutions for the heat treatment of cereal products. The equipment can be used for various applications: pasteurization, stabilization, kilning, drying, toasting/roasting and heat treatment of flours, semolina, bran, germs, flakes, whole grains, simply by adapting the operating parameters. Flowrates go from 200 lbs/h to 18,000 lbs/h.

Texture Technologies Corp.
Texture Technologies remains committed to the cereals and grain industry and we have helped solve thousands of textural problems. We use our knowledge and experience to solve your texture and volume measurement challenges. Call us at 978-468-9969. Check out Stable Micro Systems' Texture Analyzers and Volscan at our virtual booth.

Tree Top Inc.

US Highbush Blueberry Council
The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council is an agriculture promotion group made up of blueberry growers, marketers and importers in North and South America, who work together to research, innovate and promote the fruits of their labors as well as the growth and well-being of the entire blueberry industry.

Wenger Manufacturing Inc.