CFW Plexus Archive

The CFW Plexus Archive is the archive of scientific and technical information published in CFW Plexus as research articles, webcasts, online books, and past Spotlights. Contributions to CFW Plexus are encouraged, and those interested in submitting research papers, webcasts, books, or videos should contact us by email here.

Featured materials highlight recently published content and information on topics important to those working with cereal grains.

Featured Research Articles

 Detection of Lesser Grain Borer Larvae in Internally Infested Kernels of Brown Rice and Wheat Using an Electrically Conductive Roller Mill. D. Brabec et al. – OPEN ACCESS

Featured Webcasts

Interaction between Bran and Bubbles in Bread. G. Campbell. – OPEN ACCESS

Featured Online Books

Whole Grains Summit 2012 Proceedings. Grains for Health Foundation. – OPEN ACCESS

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